Function and Meaning of Short URL

Function and Meaning of Short URL


We often hear the term short url or url address shortener. In accordance with the title short means short, and Short URL can be interpreted as a translation of a Long Uniform Resource Locator (URL) into a short URL that redirects to a longer URL or the original URL. Or you can say a URL shortener is a simple tool that takes a long URL and turns it into whatever URL you would like it to be.

for example:


Lets looks, its so much simpler to use. Usually this short url is used in sharing articles or is commonly used on social media such as Facebook or Twitter, as we know Twitter limits the character of letters when tweeting. The main reason you use this short url is to save the message input field because you do not need to enter the complete url link address.

When viewed from the shortened url structure, it can be seen that the url service provider appears on the link, in the example above Admin uses fornesia short url service provider, a fornesia domain will appear followed by a unique url. <usually includes the nick name of the shorten service provider.
/rwK0k < this is the unique link or code resulting from the shortening of the url, and you can custom it too.

In addition to its function as a url address shortener, short url can also function as:

  • Ability to perform tracking i.e. detect url traffic
  • Bookmarking is faster and concise
  • Can customize with summarized urls
  • You can earn money from several shorten services

You should not use a URL shortener:

When linking from one page of your own site to another. Especially if you are using anchor text – which you should almost always do. There’s no need for additional tracking here, as you should be able to see your results clearly in Google Analytics. You are using Google Analytics, right?.

When sending an email or chat message to friends. There’s no need to shorten your link. You can embed the link in anchor text or just paste it right in there. Your friend trusts you so there is no need to worry about them not clicking due to a funky looking or lengthy URL.

Who are the short url players? here are some websites or companies that provide short url facilities:

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